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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the related rights and obligations have been implemented by us since the beginning of the year. For you, this brings with it new rights that guarantee the protection of your personal data even more comprehensively. For us, it means above all: even more service in the interest of our customers.

Every contact with you is carefully checked and of course legally secured. Because the same care with which we have already treated your data so far, also applies to the introduction of the GDPR. Therefore, we are very proud not only having your information managed by third parties through anonymous data servers or call centres anywhere in the world. Quite the contrary, your data is stored in Vienna, and if you call us, you can reach us in our office. Because contact with you is so valuable to us that we do not want to outsource it.  And this is how we guarantee the most important service: If you have any questions, we are personally there for you.

We have stored your data, name and e-mail/postal address because you directly contacted us through a request. The GDPR therefore guarantees the lawfulness of the data processing, which means for you: you do not need to do anything else so that we can continue to stay in contact with you. 

Of course we make sure that you only receive valuable information from us by post or e-mail occasionally, if you really want that. If you are no longer interested in being contacted by us, please just let us know by email, call us or send us a letter. We will delete your data immediately. Of course, this option will remain available to you at any time in the future. Without your revocation, we will continue to store your data. We will carry out all due diligence to ensure your data remains secure. Our computers and mobile devices are secured with individual login credentials, and are protected from cyber-attacks / viruses by market-leading commercial anti-virus software.

We are looking forward to staying in touch with you. If you have any queries about this privacy policy or how we process your personal data, please contact us.