2000 Stockerau

2000 Stockerau

“Space, light and order are things that humans need just as much as bread and a place to sleep.”

Le Corbusier



21 apartments + 3 commercial spaces


Landstraße 1 u. Rathausplatz 7, 2000 Stockerau


Late summer 2022

Floor area

Apartments with 1-4 rooms, from 54 to 114 m2


Stockerau is a town in the district of Korneuburg in Lower Austria. With about 17,000 inhabitants, it is the largest city of the “Weinviertel” region and is located 25 km northwest of Vienna, only a few kilometres away from the Danube river.

The name Stockerau is allegedly derived from „Stocker-Au“: the area of the lumberjacks. The Stockerauer Au – the river forest between the city and the Danube – is an important recreational area for the people of the region.

Stockerau is located close to the A22 motorway and the Northwest railway line offering good road and public transport infrastructure options: regional train lines connect Stockerau with Vienna, Wiener Neustadt, Retz and Hollabrunn. The travel time by car from Stockerau to Vienna city centre is approx. 30 minutes.


The new project “Living at Rathausplatz (Town Hall Square)” features a main building with 23 well equipped apartments and is located at the corner of ??Landstraße 1 and Rathausplatz 6 in the old town of Stockerau, adjacent to existing Gründerzeit town houses.

Located in the immediate vicinity are numerous local shops, banks, doctors and facilities for daily needs can be found as well. Educational institutions such as kindergartens, elementary schools and high schools can be reached within a few minutes, making “Wohnen am Rathausplatz” an ideal place to live.

The building overlooks the Rathausplatz, which is the most central and beautiful part of the town.


The building’s underground garage can be accessed from Landstraße 1.


The contemporary reinterpretation of the style elements of the Gründerzeit era, such as plaster facade structuring with window surrounds, has been a focus of this design.

The architectural concept respects both, contemporary as well as historical contexts creating a modern, comfortable living atmosphere. With a cream-coloured structured plaster facade, this building is characterised by the irregular design arrangement of the window surrounds as a feature. The windows and roof are a bronze-coloured, as was typical of buildings from the Gründerzeit era.


The building consists of a ground floor, 1st floor and upper (attic) floor. The garage is located in the basement.

The apartments boast large open spaces (private gardens, balconies and terraces) and are facing south, east and west. Floor plans comply with modern standards and vary from 2 rooms (total size approx. 54 m²) to 4 rooms (total size approx. 114 m²).


Assisting with the revitalisation of the city centre, retail spaces and a café with an alfresco dining area („Schanigarten“) are located on the ground floor.




start of construction 03 2021

Completion: late summer 2022